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Real substance.
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Falls Fintech is an innovative, 12-week program designed to expedite the path to market for early-stage financial technology startups. Upon completion of the program, fintechs will have the opportunity for a partner that provides access to the entire payments ecosystem through Central Payments’ Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace. Delivering a high-intensity curriculum with an elite network of financial, payment and technology professionals across the globe, Falls Fintech assists with breakthrough of the last-mile problems facing fintech today.

What Alumni Are Saying

Donald Hawkins


“Falls Fintech is one of the most impactful programs available for emerging fintechs. The ‘family-first’ atmosphere is a true differentiator and helps shorten the learning curve significantly.”

Michael Gauthier


“When I first joined the program I was thinking this is going to be a great way to partner with a bank and fast track integrating with them for our technology product. But what I didn’t realize is that they sent us a ton of super-valuable contacts.”

Fonta Gilliam


“The Falls Fintech Accelerator was brilliant the way they laid it all out. It probably would have taken us millions of dollars and probably 3-5 years to figure out independently. It prepared us to get to market really quickly.”


Backed by the most recognizable brands in payments, Falls Fintech is an innovative accelerator program designed to expedite market readiness for early-stage financial technology start-ups.


Falls Fintech offers an elite network of industry-leading companies along with a high-intensity, innovative, curriculum taught by experienced leaders from our extensive network. Subjects include data security, regulatory compliance, venture capital, marketing, leadership development and more.


Applications will always be accepted, but the selection process for each cohort will close about 2 months before the start date.


Sioux Falls, SD. Say what?! Trust us, it’s a hub for banking and payments and recently named the top city for young professionals. Also cited as a best city to start a business along with many other accolades. Look it up!


Falls Fintech is brought to you by Central Payments, the driving force behind the fastest growing prepaid card issuer in the US since 2015.* Central Payments provides payment technology and solutions through its Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace℠, one of the only ‘REAL’ bank-as-a-service payments platforms built by fintech bankers with issuing capabilities embedded.

Central Payments Sm



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All selected participants will receive more than $85,000 worth of services throughout the cohort. Along with resources and access to an elite network of financial professionals.
*Excluded for EIR. Talk to Falls Fintech for more information.


Exposure to an extensive network of investors and partners that may be willing to invest.

Connection to the Payments Ecosystem

Get access to Central Payments’ Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace with all the connections needed to launch a program. Save time, money, and get to market quicker.


Bank Partner Opportunity

Upon program completion, Central Payments will facilitate an appropriate bank partner to support your program through Open*CP*.

*conditions apply


Give us 70 days and we’ll get you connected with more than 70 of our best-in-class payments partners.

Highly Visible

Culminate the program with a highly-visible reception where you’ll present your product demo to industry leaders in the payments ecosystem, advisors, program sponsors, investors and the media.

Our Focus

Innovative Financial Products

Fintech companies in the early stage of product launch, at or near minimum viable product and require the involvement of a bank for payment network membership, FDIC insurance, card issuance, and/or funds movement.

We're keenly interested in products that are solving payment pain points in today's economy, especially if solutions involve improving the financial lives of Americans and those of modest means.

Verticals may include but are not limited to:
Digital Banking
Early-Wage Access
Debt Reduction
Financial Literacy

Those with a cap of $5MM external funding raised, a minimum-viable product and determination to succeed should apply today!