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[We] are in favor of fintech partnerships … And we’re also in favor of developing technology and being entrepreneurial on the bank side.

Jelena McWilliams | FDIC Chairperson, April 24, 2019

Banks need fintech and fintech need banks.

Hugues Delcourt | CEO, BIL

By lowering the barrier to create new digital currency applications, we’ll see an explosion in the number of ideas tried.

Brian Armstrong | CEO, Coinbase

Technology innovations will be the heart and blood of the banking industry for many years to come and if big banks do not make the most of it, the new players from fintech and large technology companies surely will.

David M. Brear | Partner, Think Differently Group

The biggest opportunity that fintech provides that I’m excited by is the opportunity for financial inclusion … there’s tremendous opportunity that new technology and new ways of unlocking liquidity in the financial system allow for access, allow for growth in these areas.

David Shrier | CEO, Distilled Analytics

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Posted February 26, 2021

Falls Fintech to Launch Cohort 3

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 26, 2021 Falls Fintech, the fintech accelerator founded by Central Payments in 2019, is excited to announce the five companies that make up its third cohort of fintech startups. The 12 week program kicks off …

Posted September 9, 2020

Innovation Through Times of Crisis

Falls Fintech was featured on Currency Cloud’s podcast. Listen as they talk about innovating through a crisis. The three guests are: Nikkee Rhody, SVP at Falls Fintech and VP – Product Development & Marketplace Strategies at Central Payments. Fonta Gilliam, CEO at Invest Sou …

Posted March 5, 2020

Falls Fintech Spring 2020 Cohort Announced

CENTRAL PAYMENTS ANNOUNCES INAUGURAL FALLS FINTECH COHORT Top FinTech Companies Set to Join Spring 2020 Accelerator Program March 5, 2020 (Sioux Falls, SD) – Central Payments today announced the first group of companies that will join the Spring 2020 cohort …

Posted February 13, 2020

Press Release: Falls Fintech Advisory Board

FALLS FINTECH ANNOUNCES INAUGURAL ADVISORY BOARD Group will advise Central Payments’ new fintech accelerator launching on March 9, 2020 (Sioux Falls, SD) Central Payments announced today its seven-member advisory board for Falls Fintech, the organization’s early-stage, onsite accelerator for upstart …

Posted December 4, 2019

Organization Focus: Falls Fintech

via StartUp Sioux Falls The state’s first fintech accelerator will kick off its inaugural 10-week program in March 2020, welcoming a cohort of five early-stage businesses to Sioux Falls. Falls Fintech was formed in 2019 as a subsidiary of Central Payments, the …

Posted December 4, 2019

The Last Mile for Fintech Start Ups is in Sioux Falls

via Power of Prepaid Podcast In the latest episode of the Innovative Payments Podcast, the founders of the Falls Fintech Accelerator talk about how they plan to help financial start-ups move from being an idea in development to being a …